CycleStream production is on hold. A new manufacturing faculity is being prepared and we will post updates. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The only added charges would be any taxes applicable with the purchase and of course Creating ($100) and shipping (quoted at time of purchase)

Safety in riding is of the utmost importance. We have personally pulled CycleStream trailers for thousands of miles without incident, not so much as even a flat tire. However, you need to seriously consider your decision to pull a trailer with your motorcycle. You will find motorcycle manufacturers do not recommend that trailers be towed by their motorcycles because of the increased safety hazards involved. ALL TOWING IS DONE AT THE OPERATOR’S OWN RISK. So research all that is involved in this activity, consider your riding experience and proficiency in your decision to pull a trailer with your motorcycle. You must be fully prepared and operate in the highest level of responsible riding.

From our decades of riding experience we have learned that a trailer to be pulled by a motorcycle must be aerodynamic to cut drag and cross wind sway. It must have a low center of gravity to keep both wheels on the ground. It must have the brightest of lights with the smallest of electrical draw on the bike’s system. The trailer must not be wider than your handlebars. We have tried different types of suspension and have determined an independent rubber torsion suspension provides durability, the smoothest ride and dampening effect which is possible because of the shock absorbing qualities offered by rubber. We utilize a rubber mounted tongue for two very important reasons, first and foremost it eliminates any possibility of metal fatigue caused by the harmonics generated between the vibrations of the motorcycle and the trailers as it negotiates the roadway; secondly it provides dampening between the motorcycle and trailer improving riding comfort. The coupler that attaches the trailer to the motorcycle must have the minimum possible looseness between the coupler and hitch and rotate 360 degrees.


Body:                 Wood inner structure with exterior of aircraft-grade alclad aluminum alloy 2024-T3

Wheels:              480X8 with 6 ply rated tires

Frame:               Steel

Lights:                LED brake/tail and markers

Dimensions:        Overall length 81″, body exterior 48″ long and 36″ wide and  39″ high from ground

Weight:               Dry 165 lbs (approx) including spare tire, lug wrench and cooler

Tongue weight:   13 lbs (cooler and cargo empty) When loading care must be taken to distribute load so tongue has minimum 20lbs and not to exceed 30lbs

Axle:                   500 lbs Dexter independent torsion

Tongue:              4130 (Chromoly) Alloy Steel 1 1/2″ outside diameter 3/16″ thick, rubber mounted front and rear attachment points

Coupler:              3/4″ Rod-end bearing providing a positive connection and eliminating any looseness and allows for a 360 degree rotation

Load Capacity:     250 lbs (recommended) consider limitations as to ability of vehicle to safely haul and brake

Wiring:                Standard round 4 wire plug and comes with female receptacle also for motorcycle wiring termination

Finish:                 Exterior is finely milled aluminum suitable for polishing to a mirror finish

Lid:                     “T” handle lockable double catch latch, Stainless steel hinges, gas assisted lifts

Interior:              Carpeted interior, ABS plastic lining in lid, usable space is 44″ L and 32″ W and max height of 25″ / Approx 15 cubic ft cargo room

Spare Tire:          Included along with lug wrench and stored in compartment in rear floor so no space is taken from the luggage storage area

Gravel Shield:      Fabricated from Lexan, helps protects forward facing finish reducing damage, easily replaceable from any hardware store stocking glass products